How to Measure Your Head and Find the Correct Wig Size?

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Before you order your gorgeous new wig, you’ll need to collect a few important measurements. Finding your correct size is crucial for your wig-wearing experience. A wig that is too large won’t stay in place, and a wig that’s too tight will give you a headache! Check out our guide on how to measure your head; then find your own correct wig size.

What You’ll Need

  • Yourself
  • A mirror
  • A cloth tape measure
  • A notepad and pen


Start with one end of the tape measure on your hairline at the top of your head. Wrap the measuring tape around your head following your hairline, like you would wear a headscarf. Be sure to go behind your ears and all the way to the nape of your neck. You may need to use a mirror to verify that the tape measure is following your hairline all the way around your head. Jot down this measurement (you’ll need to do the same for each of the following measurements as well).

Hairline to Nape

Run the tape measure from the start of your hairline on your forehead all the way to the nape of your neck. The measuring tape should look like a middle part in your hair when you have it lined up properly.

Ear to Ear (Top)

Run the tape measure from the base of your hairline at the top of your ear across the top of your head to your other ear. The tape measure should look like a headband across the top of your head.

Temple to Temple (Behind)

Place one end of the tape measure on your temple, then wrap the tape measure around the back of your head all the way to your other temple. The measuring tape should follow the natural curve of the back of your skull.

Nape (Left to Right)

Place one end of the tape measure behind your ear and follow the nape of your neck around to your other ear. A good place to start and finish is the small crease where a pair of sunglasses would sit. Use your mirror to ensure that you are measuring the correct path along the back of your head.

Find Your Wig Size

Once you’ve collected each of your measurements down, use them to find your correct wig size. Your lace wig source will have a standard size chart that you can use to determine your exact wig size.

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