How To Maintain Your Hair At Night – For Curly, Wavy & Straight Styles!

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Whatever style you’re currently rocking, it may be kinky curly or seriously straight, night-time routine care matters.

In this blog post, I’m going to show you how to maintain your natural hair, weave or lace wig at night because when you do it correctly,  you’ll save a lot of time in the mornings with your styling routine.

Nighttime hair care routine is also important because you’ll lengthen the life of your hairstyle and keep the hair looking fresh,  vibrant and healthy longer.

What You Will Need

  1. Hair ties for thick hair
  2. Spray bottle
  3. Head Scarf
  4. Leave – In Conditioner
  5. Hair Clip
  6. Bobby pins
  7. Sleek Oil
  8. Brush

Curly Hair and The Pineapple Method

This is a great way to maintain curly hair . Since curly hair is probably the most challenging texture to maintain, you’ll need to do a little extra in order to ensure that your curls are still bouncy and fresh in the mornings.

For your nighttime routine with curls begin by spraying your curls with a water based moisturizer or leave -in conditioner and work the product through your hair thoroughly root to tip.

Next tie your hair up in the Pineapple Method, shown below…

  1. Flip your hair over to the front.
  2. Gather and tie it all into a high pony at the top of your head with a hair tie
  3. Tie a head scarf around the perimeter of our head to protect our head while you sleep.

The perimeter of your head is protected by the head scarf and your curls are kept safely at the top of your head ready to pop in the morning!


Steps For Curly and Wavy Hair – The 2 Strand Twist

The 2 Strand Twist works because it prevents your hair from drying out as you sleep while at the same time keeping your waves and curls well defined.

  1. Divide your hair into 4 sections.
  2. Spray the first section with water based moisturizer or  leave-in conditioner to moisturize the hair for the night.
  3. Divide that section in to 2 pieces and twist the hair to the ends.
  4. Repeat for all 4 sections.

5. Next, wrap a your silk or satin head scarf around your head and in the morning spray a little curl refresher or leave-in conditioner to refresh!

Nighttime Care For Straight Hair

This method works well to protect bone straight hair (especially if you have a leave-out). 

  • Using sleek oil, smooth down your hair and definitely apply some on your leave-out if you have one.
  • Divide your hair in 2 sections.

  • Brush it out and begin by winding the first section around your head. (If you have a side part, start with the section on that side).
  • As you wind that section, pin the hair down using a bobby pin to secure it. ( you can secure the pin into your braid pattern for a stronger hold).

  • Repeat on the other side with the second section wrapping in the opposite direction.

  • Use bobby pins to secure it.

  • Secure any loose strands with additional bobby pins if needed.

  • Finally using a silk or sating head scarf, wrap it around the perimeter of your head and your done.
  • In the morning, just release your weave from the pins and brush it out and you’re got to go!

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