4 Simple Tips To Care For And Manage That Leave-Out

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If you’re planning on a fresh protective style that has a leave-out, this post is for you.


Well, it’s an issue that a lot of women face.

To help their leave out “better blend” and “lay flat” with their weave, they use heat and chemical relaxers or bleaches & dyes on their hair and sadly, this causes major breakage.

So, if you plan on leaving some of your natural hair out know that the environment and necessary styling that manipulates your natural hair to flow seamlessly into your new weave or lace wig, will cause unnecessary damage to your otherwise healthy natural leave out…

You must have to plan to save your leave out around the entire perimeter of your head.

Now that you aware that daily heat from the flat iron in order to get that sleek straight look or constant curling to get that curl pattern just right deals a lot of stress to your hair, what can you do about it?

What are your options?

I offer some alternatives here today that you can implement right away. A couple of them, you can switch out from day to day; or there are a couple longer term solutions that last the entire time you have your hair in bundles or in a lace wig.

1. Wear A Headband

Especially during these cold winter spells! A scarf, turban or anything else cute will do the trick.

Think about it, you’ll be giving you edges a break and it only takes minutes to wrap a gorgeous head scarf over your hair. If you workout, a good terrycloth headband will protect your leave-out from a lot of sweat build up and at night, when going to bed, tie a tight but comfortable silk or satin head scarf to keep your hair flat. This eliminates the need to flat-iron it in the morning when you get up. If it’s a curly textured weave you are trying to match, use flexi-rods to keep the curl pattern in your leave-out.

2. Try a twist or a braid

Youthful and sexy, what better way can you achieve this low maintenance look which is a favorite of mine because it can be dressed up or down. You can totally avoid any styling manipulations like daily heat with this natural leave-out solution.

If you choose to wear your weave in an up-do, leave a couple of loose, soft ringlets down to add a stylish and feminine touch. That’s two hair styles in one. It’s a lazy girl’s dream come true. 

3. Go For A Lace Closure Or A Frontal…

Particularly if you’re going for silky extensions and your own hair is not silky.

A closure or lace frontal is a hair piece most commonly used to achieve a better blend with a weave.


You can attach it your hair after you cornrow it using methods like sewing it on or the Elastic band method.

(Especially with the Elastic Band Method), a lace frontal or closure can be easily removed and reinstalled when you want to moisturize or wash your hair.

4. Have You Considered Leaving Less Hair Out?

It is not necessary to leave out more that what sufficiently covers your tracks or the lace of your wig. Don’t over do it, the less you leave out the better.

Care more for your own hair than your extensions. Baby your hair, start right now, it’s worth it! If you are forced to use heat on your leave-out be sure to use a very good leave-in conditioner, heat protective spray and try to reduce the temperature.

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